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Highlight Finance Corp invests into and manages a portfolio of sports and entertainment assets, focusing on the IP and commercialization rights of A-list celebrities, events and sports, as well as on disruptive digital and commercialization technologies which transform the way sports and entertainment is produced, distributed, consumed and monetized around the world.


Highlight Finance Corp is an international investment firm based between Los Angeles and Zurich, established to finance and operate high return investment projects in the global entertainment, sports and media industries. Building on the wealth of experience of our partners and financial backers, Highlight Finance Corp deploys capital in investment projects centered around multimedia content franchises & IP rights, disruptive technologies in the sports & entertainment sector and gamification of various celebrity and other A-list IP rights.

Highlight Finance Corp commenced operations in October 2016 and is scheduled to make its first investments in 2017.


Our Investors

Highlight Event & Entertainment AG

Swiss listed and Pratteln based media and entertainment
company best known for the Eurovision song contest
and Vienna Philharmonic franchises.

Ecotonian AG

Zurich/London-based specialist sport finance company which focuses on innovative financing for the European
sport industry.

Spark Productions AG

Movie production company and an investor in film business
and entertainment franchises located in Zurich.

Lighthouse Capital Sp. z o.o

Specialist high growth investor in the digital economy space
with offices in New York and Warsaw.

DuLac Capital Ltd

Swiss-based asset manager.


Highlight Finance Corp Leads CHF 7 Million Equity Investment Into The Native AG (Successor of The Native Media Inc)

December 23, 2016, New York / Zurich -- The Native Media Inc., a New York based digital and content marketing firm that services global celebrities and brands in the luxury, sports and entertainment industries, has signed on a CHF 7 Million Series B equity placement and will restructure into The Native AG.

Highlight Finance Corp led the Series B equity round. Highlight Finance Corp is the Zurich based investment firm backed by a number of international investment groups and family offices including sports finance specialist firm Ecotonian AG, the luxury & e-commerce specialist investor Lighthouse Capital and Highlight Event & Entertainment AG, the Swiss-listed company focused on marketing and commercialization of music events. Highlight Event & Entertainment is one of the largest shareholders in Germany-listed Constantin Medien AG, the film production, sports media and sports marketing business headquartered in Ismaning (Germany).

Upon completion of the Series B, the resulting cap table of The Native AG will include Germany-listed firm Ecommerce Alliance, London based investment fund Blue Wire Capital, Zurich based investment firm Highlight Finance Corp and a number of other investors. The Native AG will move its headquarters from New York to Zurich as of February 1, 2017, with The Native Media Inc. becoming 100% owned US subsidiary of The Native AG as of the same date.

Izabela Depczyk, the founder and CEO of The Native Media Inc., will serve as CEO of the newly created The Native AG, with the firm to maintain its creative content production base in Warsaw, Poland and chat-bot & other tech competences in the US.

“We are combining The Native’s tech-based, millennial audience-focused, content marketing agency business model with an access to clients and capital available to Highlight Finance Corp, to create an international firm able to design, produce and operate innovative and cost efficient digital business and content marketing solutions for clients in the luxury, sports and entertainment sectors,” commented Izabela Depczyk, the CEO of The Native AG.

The Native AG is scheduled to complete reorganization and announce some of its upcoming projects and marketing engagements in Q1, 2017. Here is a sneak preview of The Native's latest campaign for luxury music equipment manufacturer Bang & Olufsen.

For more information, please email office@thenative.eu.

Highlight Event and Entertainment AG resolves strategic, structural, and personnel changes

Pratteln, September 30, 2016 -- The Board of Directors of Highlight Event and Entertainment AG has resolved strategic, structural, and personnel changes at its meeting on September 30, 2016.

Highlight Event and Entertainment AG is selling its non-controlling interests in Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment AG, Holotrack AG, Paperflakes AG, and Pulse Evolution Corp. together with the loans granted to Highlight Ventures Corp., USA. The non-controlling interests sold in these companies, which perform services in the fields of digital entertainment, software development, and gaming, will benefit from an international field of investors in their new company.

Through a convertible loan in the amount of EUR 2 million, Highlight Event and Entertainment AG has an investment in the new company being founded, Highlight Finance Corp., British Virgin Islands. Following the conversion of the loan, the company will have a 20% financial investment in Highlight Finance Corp.

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